Industry feedback

FTAFTA Head of Automotive, Lawrie Alford: "With around 80 per cent of operators sub-contracting their vehicle maintenance to third parties, there is a real appetite for a 'buy with confidence' scheme in this area. Operators recognise that, while they can sub-contract their maintenance, they cannot sub-contract their responsibilities for vehicle condition. FTA had been considering its own workshop accreditation scheme, but soon saw the sense in working collaboratively with the IRTE, which had already developed its guide to Maintenance Supplier Assessment. FTA is pleased to be working with IRTE on this important initiative that will help to raise standards in our industry."

Arriva London Engineering Director, Ian Warr: “Being accredited allows us to show our intention to be market leading in our facilities and ensures compliant working environments for our staff. It demonstrates to our customers that we take engineering seriously and wish to achieve quality standards.”

LC Vehicle Hire Sales Director, Paul Bumford: "We now have an independent accreditation we can use to demonstrate our commitment to our fleet maintenance and roadworthiness programme. I'm sure that every company of our type professes to have the highest of standards, but now our customers don't just have to take our word for it - we can actually demonstrate it with this independent accreditation."