The IRTE Workshop Accreditation scheme makes sure your independant workshops operate with high standards, health and safety awareness, and regulatory compliance to operators and manufacturers. That way, you get a competitive advantage that will be acknowledged in your industry.

Bringing your workshop standards to the next level has many benefits:

  • Pass on confidence in standards of work to customers
  • Get a non-biased review of how your workshop compares to the industry standard
  • Identify training needs for increased workshop efficiency
  • Gain a competitive advantage through inclusion in the IRTE Workshop Accreditation Register

Once your workshop has passed, it is placed on the IRTE Workshop Accreditation Register, which is a searchable database for operators who are looking for a new or improved maintenance provider. You will also benefit from the accredited workshop logo on your website, marketing and sales materials.

Also, you will know that your workshop is of the demanding operational standard which an independent audit requires.