Workshop Details
Company Abellio London
Workshop Battersea Workshop
Address Silverthorne Road, Battersea, London, United Kingdom, SW8 3HE
Audit date
Start date 04/08/2021
End date 03/08/2024
Service Manager Ian Ackerman
General Manager Mike Harvey
Phone 0207 788 8740
Do you take part in the Earned
Recognition Scheme?
No. of Apprentices 2
No. of Technicians 34
No. of Supervisors 6
No. of irtec Licence holders on site 34    
Adequate parking spaces Yes
Recovery vehicle(s) available No
No. of vehicle bays 8
No. of vehicle lifts/pits 10
First time test pass rate 97%
Pass after Rectification at Station (PRS) rate 100%
No. of RIDDOR's in past year 0    
24 hour assistance Yes
DVSA Authorised Test Facility No
Certified to maintain & repair ADR vehicles No
Analogue tachograph inspection and repairs No
Bodywork maintenance Yes
Digital tachograph data download No
Digital tachograph legal inspection No
Driver facilities available No
Hydraulics maintenance No
Roller brake test No
AdBlue supply/maintenance Yes
ADAS calibration No
Speed limiter calibration No
Tachograph calibration No
Trailer maintenance No
Transport refrigeration unit service No
Vehicle rental No
Vehicle diagnostics Yes
Vehicle washing facility Yes 
Opening Times
Monday  24H
Tueday 24H
Wednesday  24H
Thursday 24H
Friday  24H
Saturday  24H
Sunday  24H
Vehicle Types
Rigid No
Articulated No
Light vehicle No
3,500 - 7,500kg No
7,500kg No
18,000kg No
26,000kg No
32,000kg No
44,000kg No
PCV Single deck bus Yes
PCV Double deck bus Yes
PCV Single deck coach Yes
PCV Double deck coach Yes
Trailer No  
Electric Yes
Hybrid Yes
Gas No
Specialist equipment/vehicle No
ISO 9001 (Quality) Yes
ISO 14000 (Environmental) Yes
ISO 45001 (Health & Safety)  Yes